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      Dragan Dobric

        Hi everyone,

        We are trying to create mail account using OAuth with IMAP as described in Docs » Communication & Notifications » PostMaster Mail Accounts.

        Everything goes fine until saving the new created account.

        There, when we click on the save button, we are supposed to login on the office365 account (which we did) and redirected to OTOBO customer’s login page.

        So when we go back to admin panel » Mail Account Management newly created account doesn’t exists. It is not possible to fetch mail.


        Our version of OTOBO is 10.1.5 – Docker based installation.

        Also we first tried with the older version 10.0.11 who was migrated from OTRS, and then with 10.0.16 but with same results.


        Any help would be apricate?

        Thank you


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          Hello Dragon,

          use you the otobo server with http or https? With http, you must change the Redirected URL from https to http.





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          B O

            Hi Dragan,


            did the above mentioned solution from Marcel solved your problem, cause I’m facing exactly the same issue.

            Thank you,


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            Dragan Dobric


              In fact, the Otobo server already uses https.
              However, my certificate has expired, which should be the reason of this problem.
              Marcel’s advice definitely directed me in this direction, and (hopefully) after I’ve solved it, I’ll report back here.



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              Michael Eißler

                Hi Dragon,

                did you find a solution for your issue? I´m facing the same.

                No Mailaccount after the redirection to OTOBO login.




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                Dragan Dobric

                  No, still no solution for this…

                  So problem is that https://<My OTOBO address>/otobo/ not respodning…

                  We tried everythin from the documentation


                  also, everything in Azure look good.

                  Are there any tips? Could I test this endpoint somehow?



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                  Stefan Rother


                    you need to change in your OTOBO FQDN. What is your OTOBO FQDN and what did you add to azure as redirect url?

                    When an error like this occurs, something is wrong with the configuration.
                    Either something is not set up correctly in Azure, or something is wrong in OTOBO.

                    I’m not really familiar with Azure either, but I’ve already been able to help about 10-15 of our support customers by going through everything again and check all values.

                    Best wishes,


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                    Michael Eißler


                      I found the solution for me. I enabled  “SessionUseCookie” in System Configuration –> Core –> Session –> SessionUseCookie

                      My assumption is, the login in Otobo after the redirection from Azure is interfering the authentication process.

                      Note: I also enabled SessionUseCookieAfterBrowserClose, but I think the above mentioned setting was the important one.

                      Hope this helps you also!



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                      Dragan Dobric

                        Problem solved,

                        Stefan’s proposal was correct 👍. There was wrong letter in the redirect url.

                        As I myself have no access to the company’s Azure tenant, I created redirect url manually and compared with the one that’s generated from the Azure, so that’s how I founded it actually…

                        Also, after I fixed it I played around with the Michael’s tips regarding setting “SessionUseCookieAfterBrowserClose” but it seems like there is no impact on this.

                        Thank you


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