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      I couldn’t find any option to reply to a phone ticket via email.

      Sometimes I receive a phone call from the customer and I will have to reply back to them via email response.

      This is also the case when I split a ticket to create a new ticket (to avoid sending email, I choose phone ticket) but later need to response via email.

      Currently I can create a new email ticket but not converting phone ticket to email tiecket.


      Will be good to have this option somewhere.

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      Stefan Abel

        Hi Pradeep,

        You can’t convert an E-Mail ticket to a Phone ticket and vice versa. The mail ticket is for pro-active tickets, where an e-mail needs to be send directly. The phone ticket is a re-active ticket. But that doesn’t mean you can never send out an e-mail.

        You can reply to both, to an E-Mail ticket and to a Phone ticket, via selecting the customer’s article and click on reply. That also works in a phone ticket.


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