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      Stefan Rother

        Hi Diego,

        strange Problem, I never hear something like that.

        We need more information to find the problem. Please can you execute the MailAccountFetch script manually, when a korrupt Mail is given:

        root> su - otobo

        otobo> bin/ Maint::PostMaster::MailAccountFetch --debug

        After that please execute:

        otobo> bin/ --all

        And please provide the output of the scripts with more Information about your OS, database and configuration specials here.

        I wish you a nice evening,

        Stefan Rother

        Team OTOBO

        • #14090

          I have the same issue.

          There is no error in mail fetch, but what I noticed was JPG images are fetched without any issues but PNG images are not fetched.

          Is there any settings for what type of documents are fetched?

      • #14091

        Sorry my bad.

        It’s actually the tif images which are not shown.

      • #14092

        Although the image is not shown for obvious reason (TIF), it is still there as an attachment but there is no way to download this from OTOBO.

        When replying/forwarding the email the TIF file still get attached.

        So it would be great to have an option to download/save inline images or convert inline images to attachments.

      • #14131

          Hello, we have no problems to open attached Files in Otobo 10.0.15 Docker installation.

          Is your file attached or embeddet, example as base64 code?

          • #14165

            No problems with attached images.

            It is the embedded TIF which are not shown in the browser or shown as an attachment.

            Apparently apple (maybe outlook too) allows TIF images to be embedded in emails, but when the emails are fetched into OTOBO, the only way to get those files is to forward it to a different email client which shows the image as an attachment.

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