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      Diego Ritunnano


        I am using Otobo 10.0.15 without Docker.
        I’m having a problem trying to connect an email account using OAuth with IMAP. The error shows the next message: “Could not obtain access token”.
        The account is in Azure AD and the connection to Office 365. The configuration is tenant specific, so I already set the tenant ID instead of common in the URLs of /authorize and /token in the provider configuration .
        In Azure, I have granted the permissions of “offline_access”, “IMAP.AccessAsUser.All” and “User.Read” and already have web authentication with the redirect URL “https://fqdn/otobo/”.

        I’ve already tried enabling and disabling access tokens (implicit flow) and ID tokens (implicit and hybrid flow) in the Azure application. I tried disabling and enabling the public flow.

        In Otobo the scope parameter is set in the provider configuration with:;

        First I tried with the default values:
        With this configuration, I could see that the account login was successful in Azure logs, but Otobo timed out trying to read the mailbox.

        Finally, traffic to and from the server is not restricted since the same account configured with IMAP works fine.

        Many thanks for your help,


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