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        I have migrated an OTRS system to Otobo Docker with Elasticsearch.

        Currently the database taking up 30+GB of disk space which is fine, this is about the same as the old system. However, Otobo’s Elasticsearch container taking up almost as much.

        Is this normal? Is it possible to compact or clear this?

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        Giordano Torre

          Good Morning,

          I have installed Otobo on new server with docker installation.

          I have 30G space on my server.

          Now after 15 days I have 36% disk usage.

          Is it normal??!?!?

          Thank You


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          Lennart G


            this thread is already a few days old, but I have the same problem.

            We are using Otobo with Docker and created about ~150 test tickets. I notice, that the container otobo_elastic_1 grows extreme. I have already extended the disk space and restarted the entire server. After that I had no problems for a few days.

            Yesterday I created about 10 tickets in the system. In the server monitoring I can see that after creating the tickets the available disk space of 15 GB was completely used up.

            It could be a kind of service that stuck in a loop untile it runs out of disk space.

            Any ideas on that?

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