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      A. Flora



        I wanted to install the OAUTH2 addon or plugin but when i looked in the package manager i see no available add-ons

        As repository i can only choose:

        – Freebie Features
        – Znuny Open Source Add-ons

        When clicking on Update repo information i see message: No packages found in selected repository

        I upgraded some time ago from OTRS 6 so can this be a reason for this ? and how can i solve this so i can install the needed add-on ?

        I use the docker version of otobo and am running version OTOBO 10.1.4 ( shown when hovering on the Otobo logo at the bottom of the screen )

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          Hi Alex Flora,

          this looks like a known bug that occurs when migrating from OTRS or Znuny to OTOBO. The SysConfig setting Package::RepositoryRoot was not migrated to the correct value for OTOBO. See .

          In order to fix this go to the System Configuration for Package::RepositoryRoot and reset it to the default value. Alternatively you can explicitly set it to .

          Best regards,


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          A. Flora

            wow, that was quick and worked perfect. Thanks

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