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        iam testing the migration from otrs 6.0.30 to otobo 10.1.2 docker version.

        This is a question is regarding time / timezone (we are located in Germany UTC+2):

        On the old otrs system the time setting in the admin panel is set to UserDefaultTimeZone:UTC. Same on the otobo instance: UserDefaultTimeZone:UTC and OtoboDefaultTimeZone:UTC. on both instances the timestamps in the tickets are fine.

        Here is what i see on the otobo docker host:

        root@docker:# date
        Thu Apr 28 10:31:52 CEST 2022
        root@docker:# docker exec -it otobo_nginx_1 date
        Thu Apr 28 08:32:08 UTC 2022
        root@docker:# docker exec -it otobo_daemon_1 date
        Thu Apr 28 08:32:18 UTC 2022
        root@docker:# docker exec -it otobo_web_1 date
        Thu Apr 28 08:32:30 UTC 2022
        root@docker:# docker exec -it otobo_redis_1 date
        Thu Apr 28 08:32:47 UTC 2022
        root@docker:# docker exec -it otobo_elastic_1 date
        Thu Apr 28 08:32:57 UTC 2022
        root@docker:# docker exec -it otobo_db_1 date
        Thu Apr 28 08:33:11 UTC 2022

        As you can see the time in the docker containers is two hours behind. Because of the time in the containers and the setting in otobo itself i would expect that the time in the tickets is two hours behind CEST, but its not. So where does otobo get the time from? And second: For logging reasons it would be nice to set the time in the containers to CEST like on the host. How can i manage this? Should i bind mount /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime ?

        Thanks for reading this and iam looking forwad to get some light into this thing.

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          This is an old questesion, but here is my 0.02 € anyways. There are various ways of setting the time zone in the OTOBO containers. Mounting _/etc/localtime_ from the Docker host is one of them. Another possiblilty is to set the environment variable TZ.

          But I’m fairly sure that OTOBO does not care about the time zone of the container. Times are stored in the database as UTC. For input and output the time zone of the agent and customer preferences is the relevant setting.

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