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      Antoine Lacroix

        Hello everyone,

        I already posted about this problem some months ago, haven’t got a precise answer because the said issue is closely related to our company AD but I was able to patch it up. Now I’m back with the same question as my fix doesn’t work anymore with the new updates and I’m back with the same problem.

        To put it in a nutshell, when we (the agents) reply to a customer ticket, the “To” field is supposed to autofill itself(with something like “Firstname Lastname <>”). However that’s not exactly what happens, as for some reasons the first name is also added within the email address at the end like such : < firstname>, thus making our mail server deny any ticket answer that has the “To” field autofilled and forcing us to retype the address of every customer we answer to. What’s really weird is that when we go to the customer screen, the mail field is registered correctly for everyone. The problem only appears when we answer a ticket or select a customer from the agenda. My guesses would be that for some obscure reason the Mail::Address parse function doesn’t work properly with our AD linked customer objects but I might be wrong.

        My main question here isn’t how to solve the problem (well it is but we already tried it and it’s unlikely you’ll find the cause of it without having the whole architecture under you sight), I’m just wondering where and how does the autofill get the (wrong) informations it has ? My guess is that it just convert the Customer object into a HTML data object then use the Mail::Address parse() function to extract the address but I may be wrong. Does anyone knows precisely how that autofill works ?


        Thanks in advance to anyone that read that whole post or that’ll try to help.

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