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      Grit Rother

        Dear all,

        We are very happy to let you know that our translation server is ready now, and you can start translating OTOBO into currently 49 languages right away.


        Please visit Translating OTOBO first, to make sure you know the most important things before starting!


        Willing to take a leading role in translating OTOBO?
        We are looking for volunteers who are willing to take over the role of language lead for the many languages we do not speak. This means you would double-check translations submitted to ensure consistent quality, possibly help with buidling stylesheets and glossaries etc.
        I am a studied translator, so I know about the importance of a thorough structure, especially for a big project like this. And I am much looking forward to be collaborating with people from other parts of the world to make OTOBO an efficient and friendly tool in all languages supported.

        Please get in touch if you might be interested in doing so.
        I look forward to hearing from you.

        Thank you!

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