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      Alvaro Cordero Retana

        We need to add Owner and State to the CustomerTicketOverview Available colummns. I found in sysconfig at least there is an option to add owner and queue, but although it was enabled, those did not show in Customer View.

        Has anyone been able to add columns to that screen?

        Since I didn’t see the columns showing up, also tried adding a couple of Dynamic Fields but those didn’t appear too.


        Alvaro Cordero

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        Stefan Rother

          Dear Alvaro Cordero,

          The configuration options you used are obsolete and are no longer used. If possible, can you please create an issue on Github so we can remove the options you found?

          Currently there is only the possibility to work with so called categories or flags (the colored labels in the screenshot below). Please search for it under Admin -> SysConfig


          Here you can add different attributes and DynamicFields as Flags.

          I hope I could help you!

          Team OTOBO

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          Alvaro Cordero Retana
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