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      Chris Viteri

        Hi everyone!

        I have a question regarding dynamic fields in otobo,

        I have successfully created some dynamic fields and they are visible at the customer portal

        However, I wanted to make some customizations to a specific dynamic field.

        Inside the I followed the instructions to make Fixed dynamic fields with:

        [% RenderBlockStart(“DynamicField_Field 1”) %]

        [% Data.Field %]

        [% IF Data.Tooltip %]

        <i class=”ooofo ooofo-help”></i>

        [% Data.Tooltip | html %]

        [% END %]

        [% Data.Label %]

        [% RenderBlockEnd(“DynamicField_Field1”) %]


        Replacing Field1 with my dynamic field name, but nothing happens

        I tried the same thing with an old otrs 5, and by doing this procedure it works.

        So I don’t know what I am missing here.


        I appreciate your help.


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