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      Lucas Bellissimo


        I’m trying to migrate from an OTRS 6 Community installation to OTOBO installed with Docker, but I’m stuck at the first step with following message:

        Check if OTOBO and OTRS connect is possible.

        Can't open Kernel/ file from OTRSHome: /opt/otrs!

        After a quick check-up in the web container, I can see that the package sshpass is not installed in the container, thus the migration cannot work…

        It is pretty hard to install packages in this image. I think this package should be present in the image to fix the issue.

        A possible workaround for the moment is to create a new image from this one including the package. It is not really a big deal because the migration should be done once by install, so at the first update the image will be reset but it is ok.

        I though you’d like to know about this issue.

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          Hi Lucas,

          yes, making the OTRS data /opt/otrs available in the container could be done with sshpass or sshfs. However the recommended approach is to keep the OTOBO containers as much encapsulated as possible. Therefore we recommend to simple copy the OTRS data into  the volume /opt/otobo of the containers. But this is basically a matter of taste, as of course working with mounted volumes already violates encapsulation.

          See for the recommended approach of copying /opt/otrs into the container.

          Best regards,



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